10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Software Engineer!

Attention all the girls! Here is a species of guys who need you like really.. Whole day banging head in cubical in figuring out complex concurrency bug, your soft pretty face is all they want to see. Unlike many other professions, software engineering is basically a sitting job. So, you wouldn’t end up with common chores of life! Find out how…

1. A software engineer is less likely to cheat on you. This is because all the time he thinks why his code is not working.

2. A software engineer knows how to fix complex problems with the minimum effort.

3. A software engineer will listen to you very patiently because that is part of his daily routine.

4. Free tech support 24 X 7

5. A software guy stress tests everything before executing it. Expect good love making :-)

6. Software engineers are extremely well when it comes to interpretation. They will interpret better than guys from other professions.

7. A software engineer knows how to survive with only beer and tea. Don’t give him food, that’s part of his lifestyle

8. A software engineer needs just a computer to keep himself engaged. You can take over the TV for however long you may want.

9. A software engineer follows a test driven robust principle in his day to day life. What ever task you give him, he will test it, figure out a logic and implement it. Best part – he will never forget that logic and will apply the learning in his next task quite effectively.

10. A software engineer knows how to perform repetitive tasks at precise intervals. Moreover, he finds a way to overcome repitation and monotony. Expect a roller coaster ride.

Disclaimer: You can do whatever you want but never ask a software engineer why his code doesn’t work. Never do that!

Source: storyalert.com


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