Things to look before downloading any apps from Google Playstore.

Google Play is to be considered one of the safest sources for Android apps. Still, some malware sneaks in every now and then. So you should use some common sense before hitting the "Install" button.
Things to look at include (but might not be restricted to):
  • What permissions are required?
    Though not always easy to decide, there are some things which can count as indicators – e.g. taking a simple calculator app, it certainly doesn't need access to your contacts, calendars, system settings, etc.
  • How is it rated?
    I'm not talking about "naked numbers", but check the comments. They might give you useful hints on whether it's safe to install. Also, an app installed several thousands of times with no traces of maliciousness in the comments should be considerably safer than an app with almost no installs and no comments.
  • Should it be a very popular app, but only has few installs?
    That's in most cases a clear indicator for malware, hiding behind a popular name. Better keep your hands off those.
Aside of that: In case you're still unsure, pick a good forum and ask. Another good idea is to check other apps from the same developer (just follow the link on his name), and use above criteria on them.


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