Java Programming Cheatsheet

Hello, World.

Hello, World in Java

Editing, compiling, and executing.

Compiling Hello, World in Java

Built-in data types.

Built-in types of data

Declaration and assignment statements.

Assignment statements


int data type
Integer expressions

Floating-point numbers.

double data type
double expressions


boolean data type
Boolean operators

Comparison operators.

Comparison operators
Comparison examples

Parsing command-line arguments.

parsing Command-line arguments

Math library.

Math library API
Expressions that use Java library methods
The full java.lang.Math API.

Type conversion.

Type conversion

If and if-else statements.

If-else statements

Nested if-else statement.

Nested if-else statements in Java

While and for loops.

While loop       For loop

While and for loops in Java

Break statement.

Break statement in Java

Do-while loop.

Do-while loop in Java

Switch statement.

Switch statement in Java


An array
Compile-time initialization.
Compile-time initialization of arrays
Typical array-processing code.
Typical array-processing code

Two-dimensional arrays.

2D array
Compile-time initialization.
2D array compile-time initialization
Ragged arrays.
Ragged arrays

Our standard output library.

Standard output API
Anatomy of printf
Formatting codes for printf

Our standard input library.

Standard input API

Our standard drawing library.

Standard drawing API

Our standard audio library.

Standard audio API

Redirection and piping.

Redirecting standard output                Redirecting standard input



Anatomy of a function
Example functions

Libraries of functions.

Library abstraction

Our standard random library.

Standard random

Our standard statistics library.

Standard statistics

Using an object.

Using an object

Creating an object.

Instance variables.
Anatomy of instance variables
Anatomy of a constructor
Instance methods.
Anatomy of an instance method


Anatomy of a class

Object-oriented libraries.

Object-oriented library abstraction

Java's String data type.

String library API
The full java.lang.String API.
String operations
Note: the java.lang.StringBuilder API is similar, but StringBuilder supports some operations more efficiently than String (notably, string concatenation) and some operations less efficiently (notably, substring extraction).

Java's Color data type.

Color library API
The full java.awt.Color API.

Our input library.

Input API

Our output library.

Output API 

Our picture library.

Picture API


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