AppBrain - alternative to the Google Play Store

AppBrain offers an alternative (and much cleaner) interface to the Google Play Store, which offers several advantages:
  • search results are much less limited (30 pages à 10 apps = 300 results, much more than Play offers)
  • search results "gray out" possible spam, offensive, and otherwise harmful apps. You still can see them, though – but it's quite clear what to skip
  • app details page gives the most important details at a glance. It's easy to see what permissions are requested. And if those form "potential dangerous combinations" (called "concerns" at AppBrain), that's automatically pointed out by a warning sign on the permissions tab
  • Their app (an alternative to the Playstore app) enables you to skip single (or all) updates on a per-app-base, which keeps your list of "pending updates" quite clean.
For installation, you will be redirected to Google Play. In the past, AppBrain had a separate app for this called the "Fast Web Installer", but unfortunately this app was banned by Google. So even for batch updates, the Playstore app will now be opened for each app separately (not AppBrains fault).
AppBrain App AppBrain App AppBrain App
AppBrain App Market (source: AppBrain; click images for larger variants)


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