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It will be  a joke today that there is someone who doesn't know about Android, the mobile world’s latest craze. So it is evident that all of us know more or less about Android. Since Google acquired Android on 17 August 2005, Android became popular very soon and today in mobile market, it’s all about Android or its competitor – the iPhone. But Android created a history that technological world will remember forever.
Though Android has lots of creativity and likely infinite numbers of apps but still many of us haven’t tasted it yet. Maybe sometimes we have surfed our friend’s mobile and kind a liked it but still it’s a matter of owning it. So about that we don’t have to worry because Android Emulators for PC are available over the market and we can have the taste of Android apps and it’s functionality at least virtually.
Now some of us may wonder that how the mobile phone will be virtually functional over our laptop or desktop. Now here’s the deal is that it will provide some of the functions, not all. Just for example if we want to use any GPS apps over it then it will not work and we know the reason. Also we can download and test any apps on it before installing it into the mobile phone. So it provides lots of usability but we should know that it is built for development purpose only so if we hope to have a mobile phone like functionality then we will be disappointed.
Now before downloading and using the Android Emulator for PC here’s something we have to keep in our mind that Java must be installed in the PC. If we are not sure whether Java is installed or not then we can visit the Java Website. Here check in the website page that whether Java is installed or not. If Java is not installed then follow the steps given there and if Java is already installed then make sure that it has the latest version. Usually Java SE Run time Environment is required but if we want to use it for development purpose then we have to install the JDK (Java Development Kit).
A few Android Emulators for PC is enlisted below:

Android SDK



This is the standard software for virtualization of the Android and also for development. This is provided by the Android developers. Though it is quite slow for operation.


This is provided in three Operating Systems like Windows OS, Mac OS X (Intel) and Linux (i386).
This emulator can be downloaded from this link.

Install guide

Here some small but important points are given that will help us in installing the software smoothly. First of all prepare the PC for installing i.e. install the Java. Now when we download the file it will be in .zip file. When we unzip it the setup file will be there. After install we can use it like we use in our phone. We can download and install apps for different purpose and lot more.


This is Android virtualization software for Windows. Already it has won the CNET CES 2012 award. Now it is available for beta testing.


Windows Operating System.
To download this software click here.




It is also great software of its kind. It has the latest 2.3 Gingerbread support with multiplayer gaming and game saving options.


Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit
Here is the Download link.


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