Android: Take Emulator Screen Shots in Eclipse

If you are an Android developer then you are already taking lot of screen shots of your app. For documentation purpose or for putting it in Google Play market. Taking screen shots of Android in phone is easy in today’s smart phones like Samsung Galaxy series. But most of the time we would need to grab the screen from Android emulator.
Here’s a simple but very useful trick to capture screen shot of Android application via Eclipse. For this you must have installed Android’s ADT plugin in Eclipse.
Follow these simple steps to capture the current screen of your current Emulator.
In eclipse, Open Windows > Show View > Others… (Shortcut Alt + Shift + Q, Q)
From the Show View dialog, open Android and select Devices.
This will open a new Devices view in your eclipse. Select the Emulator that is running currently and that you want to capture screen of and click Camera icon on right side.
This will open Device Screen Capture dialog. Press Refresh button to capture current screen and press Save to save it in PNG format on disk.


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